Cindy Domingo – Episode 2

About Cindy Domingo

As a writer and independent scholar, Cindy co-edited “A Time to Rise: Memoirs of the Katipunan ng mga Demokratikong Pilipino (KDP) (Union of Democratic Filipinos), recently published by University of Washington Press. Cindy co-authored a story in the book by Mila De Guzman, Women Against Marcos, and traveled to the Philippines in February, 2016, to launch the book.

She has also written articles for Filipinas Magazine, Journal of Asian American Studies and local newspapers and serves as the northwest correspondent for 

Although Cindy was born in the US, she has continued to keep deep ties with the Philippines, working first in the US to end the Marcos dictatorship and continuing today advocating for peace and democracy in the Philippines. In 2013 and 2016, Cindy was part of international observers teams monitoring Philippine national elections. And in 2014-15, Cindy helped to raise $30,000 for projects in Tanuaun, Leyte in the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan.

From 1981-1991, Cindy also led the Committee for Justice for Domingo and Viernes in their successful efforts in exposing the role of the Marcoses and the US in the murders of her brother, Silme Domingo, and his fellow union officer, Gene Viernes.

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  1. Many years ago, I wrote a play, Alos, based on the life of Carlos Bulosan as written in America is in the Heart. I was an anti-Marcos activist with the Coalition Against the Marcos Dictatorship here in Toronto. We also created the inspired albeit short-lived Carlos Bulosan Cultural Workshop. I think I still have a copy of ‘Alos’ somewhere.

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